Talk Tools and ARK Speech Pathology tools

Preordering system


if you work in the field of speech therapy, fysiotherapy, occupational therapy etc. come along and pre order the Talk Tools Speech Pathology tools  for children in special needs - pre ordering system brings you the best possible variety of tools  in speaking and  eating disorders - ARK's chewable necklaces helps when having  different chewing and sucking problems as well as concentrating problems - many basic items are in stock all the time, but when participating to pre orders (about 5 times / year) you can have everything (99.9%) in one delivery and you get a discount according to the order value.

Take advantage of the largest variety of speech therapy tools in Finland  - concentrate your purchases to All In Trade's preorders and you can get the best possible prices.

You can see the variety and make an order here:

Find out more about these world famous manufactorers and creators of special tools for special children at their web pages:



As a professional therapist you are qualified to participate  to online (e-learning) courses by using Zoom Platform

See all the courses All In Trade can provide here:


You can start to use the techniques of each course immediately in your work, but you may also want qualify in one of the most valued training methodes in the world, Oral Placement Therapy, OPT, created by the founder of Talk Tools, Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson - find out more:

These techniques are widely in use in Finland mostly by speech therapists but also by physio- and occupational therapists - even some parents has qualified to the first or second level of OPT in order to support the development of their child.