Speech and Eating rehabilitation tools for special children

 Speech,  Occupational and Fysio therapists,  parents, end users etc.

 You  can order the  rehabilitation tools (for instance OPT tools)  or the every day use eating and drinking equipments , chew necklaces, chewable pencil toppers, Super Duper Publications developing game sets etc.  from the address:

 You  find there the largest variety of eating and speech therapy tools in Finland, educational online courses, seminars of top professionals, literature, developing  therapy games, cleaning instructions,videos  and info of what is going on

Therapists and other professionals  understand best the use of these tools due to their education and experience - parents and end users can choose the tools safely by their recommendations.

In case the tools you are looking for are not in stock (click the pictures and find out)  you can leave a preorder, by choosing at the end of your web order words " "Osallistun ennakkotilaukseen" it means " I participate to a preorder"  . You can make changes/cancellations to your order untill the last ordering day (=viimeinen tilauspäivä)  - after that date your order is binding. See the ordering times here:


If you are interested to hear of each preorder time, please leave your e-mail address here: Contact  -   you get 10% reduction  of the pre orders. If you need the item immediately and it is in stock, there is no discount.


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