The Throat Scope story

Jennifer had her lightbulb moment for Throat Scope in a doctor’s clinic after she was asked to restrain her child so the doctor could conduct an oral cavity examination. After questioning this age-old method, Jennifer went home and scoured the Internet for similar devices. Everything in existence was either expensive, impractical or highly ineffective.

Knowing this, Jennifer sought to revolutionise oral cavity examinations and after designing her first prototype, knew that Throat Scope was a device that was desperately needed within the healthcare industry and for use at home.

In 2011, Throat Scope won “What’s Your Big Idea Qld?” from the Queensland Government. The money awarded from this went into refining and developing the device further. The next few years following this were also spent in development and with Jennifer adding to her family, with two more children added to the mix.

Always looking for an opportunity, Jennifer was chosen to feature on Shark Tank Australia in 2015. Throat Scope walked away with a deal from tech entrepreneur Steve Baxter and national exposure which would excel Throat Scope to market. In this year, Throat Scope was also a recipient of a Sydney Design Award as a gold winner.

In October 2015, Throat Scope was launched into the Australian retail and healthcare markets. The deal made with a retail pharmacy chain, broke a company record which saw Throat Scope signed in the fastest time ever recorded.

2016 was a busy year for Throat Scope. Throat Scope signed several lucrative distribution deals, which saw Throat Scope become available in over 146 countries. International distribution saw Throat Scope rocket into the media with appearances on Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, The Today Show, The Daily Mail, Mamamia and Business Insider. Throat Scope was also featured in a catch up of Shark Tank Australia.

This year, Throat Scope is set to successfully launch in te USA with two distributors already on board. Throat Scope has been named as an Edison Award Winner and is endorsed by the US Oral Cancer Foundation as the number one screening tool to detect oral cancer. The device has exceeded all expectations and is changing lives around the world, from creating stress-free oral cavity examinations, to use in cleft palate clinics, to screening for oral cancer.

Throat Scope – Lighting Throats Around the World

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